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w us on WechatInterview: China's science and technology sector on the rise: expertIntervie▓w: China's science and technology sector on the rise: expert▓Interview: China's science and technology sector on the ri▓se: expert03-07-2017 09:38 BJTSYDNEY, March 6 (Xinhua) -▓

- China's science and technology sector has been surg▓ing forward rapidly over the past decade, according to a leading Australian scientist.Professor Andrew Dempster, d▓irector of the Australian Centre for Space Engineering R▓esearch at

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the University of New South Wales told ▓Xinhua in a recent interview that specific examples, such as the BeiDou navigation satellite system, demonstr▓ate China's strong commitment to science."In the las

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t few decades we've seen significant advancements ▓coming out of China," Dempster said."For a long time GP▓S and GLONASS were the only satellite navigation syst▓ems around, but now the BeiDou system coming

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out of China is growing very rapidly."Dempster said the satellite system, currently serving the Asian region, will be ready▓ for global deployment soon, utilizing


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the BeiDou-2 and BeiDou-3 satellites."It's been quite a rapid deployment, and it is very impressive the way China has gone about▓ doing that."Although satellite n